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Willow Shields wear Minnetonka Moccasins Two Button Softsole Boot

19 Jul

Willow wear this nice Minnetonka Moccasins Two Button Softsole Boot!!! She put this photo on her instagram!!! 🙂


Willow Shields wear Minnetonka Moccasins Two Button Softsole Boot


You can buy this boots here:



Willow Shields wear Forever 21 Don’t Be Negative Tee

28 Jun

Willow wear this nice tee in one photo on her instagram.

She looks very happy, so cute!!!! ❤

I love the phrase: Don’t be negative 🙂

Willow Shields Forever 21 Don't be negative tee

Unfortunately are not longer available 😦 but…don’t be negative!!!!! 😀

Willow Shields wear Brandy Melville Agathe Vintage Camera Tee

5 Nov

willow shields with Brandy Melville Agathe Vintage Camera Tee


Willow Shields use this cute tee with a print of cameras…i love this tee, unfortunately are not longer available 😦

Here more photos of Willow wear this tee: 😀

willow shields

willow shields


willow shields

willow shields